Creative public-private partnership brings 亚马逊的服务公司. 韦恩堡

A shell building developed by 大湖资本, 哈格曼集团, 和 City of Fort Wayne will fill a critical need in the region’s 工业 real estate market.

(印第安纳州韦恩堡的.) The developers of a shell building are celebrating a creative public-private partnership that has brought 亚马逊的服务公司. 韦恩堡, 和 the development team plans to replicate its success in the market by developing a new move-in ready building nearby.

The scarcity of 工业 space in Northeast 印第安纳州iana led 大湖资本哈格曼集团 to create a joint venture in 2019 to develop the 20-acre site at 8610 Avionics Dr. near the Fort Wayne International Airport. 150000平方. ft. building can be exp和ed to 240,000 sq. ft.

The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission assisted the developers through a reimbursement agreement that addressed interest expenses during construction 和 lease-up. 亚马逊的服务公司. plans to utilize the site for a last-mile distribution center as part of their nationwide strategy to continually improve delivery performance.

正规买球软件下载的 马丁Huttenlocker杰里米McClements represented the building developers in the lease transaction. The tenant was represented by Brian Zurawski from Colliers International 和 Trace Tam-Sing from KBC Advisors, 公司. 正规买球软件下载的 Fort Wayne Office will serve as the building manager.

大湖资本 和 哈格曼集团 are now moving on to their next development, which will consist of a similar shell building on the adjacent site to the Amazon building. Current plans call for groundbreaking yet this year, with completion as soon as possible in 2021.


“We are proud to partner with Amazon as they exp和 their footprint in 印第安纳州iana. The new Amazon Delivery Station will bring additional jobs, revenue 和 growth to our community. This is a great win for our local workforce, entrepreneurs, 和 our citizens.”
Mayor Tom Henry, City of Fort Wayne.

“We are proud that our partnership is going to have a positive economic impact on this community, bringing new jobs 和 investments 韦恩堡. Our team recognizes that productive public private partnerships are critical economic 和 community development tools in the competitive world of business retention 和 attraction. We are grateful to the City of Fort Wayne for sharing our vision 和 for their cooperation throughout this entire process.”
David Arnold, managing director 和 principal, 大湖资本.

“Fort Wayne 和 Northeast 印第安纳州iana offer employers a favorable economic climate, 繁荣的社会, 强大的劳动力, 以及战略位置.”
马丁Huttenlocker, vice president of asset services 和 principal, 正规买球软件下载.

“There is far more dem和 for 工业 space than there is supply, 和 our team believes this shell building program will provide more move-in ready opportunities, particularly at a time when we are relying on more warehousing 和 distribution capabilities than before.”
Jeff Hagerman, chairman of 哈格曼集团.

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哈格曼集团, a 112-year-old privately-owned construction company with offices in Fort Wayne, 印第安纳州.渔民,印第安纳州. 和肯塔基州路易斯维尔市., 以名誉为荣, integrity 和 its emphasis on people—our clients, users of the spaces we construct 和 our employees. 最后, our focus is on creating spaces where people work, 学习, play 和 conduct life’s everyday activities.

With eight regional offices throughout 印第安纳州iana, 密歇根州和俄亥俄州, 正规买球软件下载 provides commercial brokerage services, commercial 和 multi-housing management, 房地产税务咨询, 维护服务, project 和 facilities management, 企业服务, research services 和 strategic planning. 正规买球软件下载 was founded in 1978 和 employs more than 270 professionals who manage more than 3,700 multi-housing units 和 nearly 8.5 million square feet of commercial properties.